Banyan Builders are proud to provide reliable, timely and quality services to our clients from both government and private sectors. We work relentlessly to ensure that we continuously thriving in giving the best in service, professional management, quality construction and competitive tendering to meet our clients goal.

Over the years, we have been working professionally on numerous constructional projects mostly in the beautiful island of Langkawi, whereby our services are categorised into a number of divisions, that include Architectural Design, Building Construction & Civil Infrastructure, Roads, Landscaping, Heavy Machineries Rental.


We provide architecture design service with our highly skilled, innovative and experience architects. With expertise in broad range of architectural designs, ranging from university campus buildings to hotels and luxury resorts, our professional architects are very capable of creating structurally sound, cost effective and visually enticing building that satisfy our client’s needs.

We are committed to offer our supports to customers from concept and pre design phase to construction management within the allowable budgetary controls. Below are the 3 major design parts that we support, the CAD Drawing Design, 3D Design and Graphic Design:


Design and precision drawing is extremely vital for construction architectures and its relevant components. We create precision CAD drawing and technical illustration in many fields, from structural drawings to furnitures and fittings. Please refer below for CAD drawing services that we cover.


Our passionate design team specialises in design and crafting of prototypes. Basically, the 3D design parts are categorised below:

  • 3D printing for architectural modeling.

    Quickly design and modify concept models in short period of time. With Banyan 3D printers, the design works are far more efficient. Our customers will have the concept prototype models within hours, at fraction of the costs. But why stopping at one model? With our 3D printing service, we support our customers in crafting many iterations of prototype models until satisfaction is reached.

  • 3D birds eye view creation.

    With our amazing 3D birds eye view rendering technology, it allows an impressive demonstration of clients project illustration.

  • CNC pattern design.

    One of our design specialities is the CNC pattern design, in which high precision cuttings and crafting of objects mostly in wood, metal and plastic materials. This provides high degree of flexibility and quality into our design works.


Other than achitectural drawing, 3D drawing and prototyping, we do offer all-rounded design drawing services that include graphical drawings to our clients as shown below:

  • Video production.

  • Signboard design.

  • CI BI design.

  • Print design.


Strong focus on its strength in building construction and civil works, Banyan Builders a.k.a BBSB has grown and established itself as reputable and reliable building and civil works contractor. Over the years of sheer determination from talented team, BBSB has gained trusts and recognitions from clients in providing outstanding construction and civil services in Langkawi.

With highly capable and experience construction team in Langkawi, we offer complete solution and services in design, construct and maintenances of both natural and physically built environments such as commercial buildings, airports, hotels, resorts, water reservoirs, sewer systems, schools, recreations & relaxation landscapes and many more.


Building of roads is undoubtedly extremely vital in providing timely and easy access to an area, and very often accessibility is key to successful operation especially to both public services and commercial projects. We offer road building, repair, upgrade services and have been constructing roads in various parts of Langkawi.

We have expertise in the know-how for the road construction techniques from embarkment fill, base course to the surface course structures, to ensure our road building projects meet all safety, quality and durability standards. Besides, we do installation of road guardrails, road markings, traffic barriers, road lights and road signs, enabling road users safety and pleasant drive.


Other than design and construct of infrastructures and buildings, we support designing, planning, laying out, and building of various garden landscapes. Landscaping with both the hardscape and softscape enhance significantly the appearance and create useable space for outdoor activities around an area, we find landscaping satisfies both aesthetic and practical aspects of our clients.

Our landscaping team is geared with professional horticultural knowledge as well as familiar with the elements and principles of landscapes design. We have many portfolios in Langkawi including some big scale landscaping works, where we successfully helped to transform our clients property with outstanding results.


Machineries are one of the important elements in carrying out builders work. Rental of construction machineries has been one of our company core businesses for the past years, to support our customers to carry out their tasks in the respective projects.

We understand the demands of machineries leasing are growing substantially in Langkawi, and we offer broad range of heavy machineries available for lease and hire. The list includes excavators, bulldozers, back pushers, compactors, air compressors, generators, cranes, backhoes and many more constructions related machineries and equipments.

Overseas Real Estate Development

We also do offer services in overseas real estate development as stated below, kindly get in touch with our team to discover more in this field.